Queen live in Frankfurt, Germany (at the Festh...Last weekend, we had a significant issue at church.

There was an electrical problem, that meant there was only about 5% of the normal flow of power coming through to the building where we hold our services.  For a church that uses big sound systems for a full band, has the words to its songs projected onto large screens and requires microphones so that the speaker can be heard by a congregation of 400 people, this is a problem.

We have an outstanding team of volunteers and they used their expertise, creativity and positive attitudes to make the most of what little power we had.  The band went unplugged, we found an old mobile microphone and amp that would ensure that the speakers could be heard and we used some innovative lighting methods so that the stage could be seen.

It wasn’t a perfect situation, but it turned out to be a fantastic service.

Sometimes, we’re faced with challenges in life.

Sometimes, we have an ideal scenario in our head that doesn’t match reality.

Sometimes, we’re tempted to give up, to pack it all in or to throw a tantrum and storm off the stage.

But the show must go on.

Doing anything of significance requires us to work effectively in situations that require adaptability, innovation and a can-do attitude.

In Queen’s classic anthem, “The Show Must Go On”, Freddie Mercury sings:

The show must go on,

I’m never giving in,

I’ll face it with a grin,

On with the show!

That sounds like a great way to deal with adversity to me.

Thanks to our team for ensuring that the show went on last Sunday and for proving that we don’t need everything to go smoothly for us to operate effectively.

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