The Marmolada glacier

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Wind can be incredibly powerful.

I’ve seen a town a few days after a cyclone has hit and it’s not a pretty sight.

Trees and even many buildings are knocked to the ground or in some cases picked up and transplanted elsewhere.

But the trees grow back, the buildings can be rebuilt and after a few months, there is little evidence of the wind’s power.

Fires are also extremely powerful.

Australia regularly has huge bush-fires, especially during the dry summer months and they are often responsible for destroying homes and large areas of bushland.

But the trees eventually grow back, the buildings can be rebuilt and over time, there is little evidence of the fire’s power.

Then there are glaciers.

They aren’t as scary or fast-moving as wind or fire.

They move slowly and inexorably.

But as they travel, they take everything before them and have the power to contour the landscape.  Hills and valleys are irrevocably changed and shaped as the massive wall of ice move through and nothing stands in their way.

They may not look as dramatic as strong winds or great fires, but they leave a mark that lasts forever.

Sometimes, people want to influence and impact the world around them.  They operate with energy and enthusiasm and it’s all very impressive.

But just like the wind and the fire, after a few months there’s little evidence of their efforts.

If we want to change the world, if we want to make it a better place, if we want to create lasting change, I would suggest we need to be like the glacier.

Moving inexorably and persistently.

Never giving up.

Always growing and developing.

Bringing others with us on the journey.

Staying true to our course.

Gradually increasing our influence over months, years, even decades…

Changing the world forever.

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