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It was reported recently that a South African man who kept a hippo as a pet was mauled to death.

As sad as this story undoubtedly is, what was this guy thinking?

I know that he raised it from a young age, that he saved it from death when he rescued it and that he would often swim with the creature in a nearby river.  He probably considered it to be a tame animal, but it’s a hippo and they’re dangerous.

No matter the circumstances, you don’t keep a hippo as a pet, or you risk eventually being mauled.

Of course, this guy thought that he was the exception, not the rule.  He must have thought that he could get away with it.

Like the smoker who ignores the warnings from health authorities.

Like the married man who “innocently” flirts in the office, thinking it will lead to nothing.

Like the father who spends excessive time in the office, not with his family.

Like the person who never exercises.

Like the employee who floats through the day at work, hoping that no-one notices how little they contribute.

Like the parent who doesn’t give their children boundaries or discipline, yet expects them to grow up into mature adults.

Like the person who ignores the “God-shaped void” in their heart their whole life.

Like the person who thinks that they can consistently drink and drive without any consequences.

They’re all keeping hippos as pets.

If any of these describe you, I would suggest doing something about it before you get mauled.

Because eventually, the rule always applies.

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