Every successful artist, blogger, author, business and church has had a breakthrough moment when they went suddenly from relative anonymity to being well known.

One day, they’re labouring away in their mum’s garage and the next their name is heard everywhere.

It’s what a lot of people aim for – to be recognised, to be at the top of the pile, to breakthrough.

There’s not a lot of science as to when this quantum leap occurs.  For some people it happens after a few weeks, for some it takes a few months and others work diligently for years before their moment arrives.

The timing is difficult to predict, but this I can predict with confidence.

If you give up on your dreams, the breakthrough will never come.

But if you work hard, continue to improve your craft, maintain a positive attitude and never give up, you give yourself a chance to get that breakthrough moment for yourself.

Maybe not tomorrow, maybe not next week, but one day.

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