A polynya is the Russian word for a rare phenomenon that tales place in Arctic regions.

In the large sheets of ice that cover the seas during the cold winter months, small pockets of open water remain, called polynyas.  These areas of open water are either caused by warm currents or specific tides that push ice away from the coast, leaving a space behind them.

Polynyas are important as they allow non-migrating animals such as belugas and walruses access to breathing holes in the water.  Some of these spaces in the ice appear in the same place every year and are used by certain species of duck as their only way to get through the winter.

Without polynyas, some species would not be able to survive in such harsh, desolate situations.

Sometimes, the world that we live in feels cold and desolate.  Despite being surrounded by large numbers of other people, loneliness and depression are significant issues in our society.

As such, we need polynyas.

We need people who are willing to provide warmth and encouragement to others.  People who make it easier for others to get through the challenging periods that they sometimes find themselves in.  People who consistently lift others up when they’re feeling down.

We are not meant to live life in isolation, so let’s make it easier on ourselves and others by helping to brighten up and revitalize the world that we’re living in.

Living a better life isn’t just about personal development, inspiration and success.

It’s also about making the world a better place for those around us.

Can you be a polynya for someone?

Do you have a polynya in your life who you can turn to during difficult times?

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