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Just imagine three groups of people.

The first group complains about everything.

They think that the economy is tough which means that they have the perfect excuse for a mediocre career.

They feel threatened by change and resist it vigorously.

Their goal is just to get through the year.

They walk around with their shoulders slumped and their head down.

They give up when the going gets tough.

They think that they’ve learned all that they need to and perhaps all that they can.

They feel as though they will never amount to anything, so they don’t bother trying.

And everything that goes wrong is someone else’s fault.

The second group is slightly more optimistic.

They’re reasonably satisfied with what they’ve achieved so far in life.

They’re generally liked by those around them and are careful not to offend anyone.

They’re aware that they can do more with their lives, but suspect that the risk is too great to change.

They’re happy to work in a team environment, but don’t want to stand out from the rest.

They come into the office, put their head down, do their job and go home.

And their goals are trivial and uninspiring.

The third group lives life with enthusiasm and energy.

They see every interaction, every meeting, every task as a great chance to do great work.

They push through the challenges in front of them.

They’re always on the look-out for ways to upgrade their skills.

Their goals are ambitious and challenging.

They don’t see the economy as an excuse, but an opportunity.

And they constantly inspire and motivate those around them.

Each of these groups have a different attitude to life.

And each one of these groups has chosen that attitude.

Which group will be the most successful in virtually any aspect of life?

Which group is most likely to earn the most money, have the best reputation, the most successful relationships and is most likely to make a significant difference in the world?

Which group are you in?

If you want a better life than the one you have now, remember…

Your attitude determines your altitude.

Choose wisely!

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