After Christmas and birthdays, we are often left with a wide range of gifts, some that we love and some that we could do without.

With the gifts that we don’t like we have a few choices.

We can re-gift them to someone else, put them on e-bay or take them back to the store to replace them with something that we prefer.

We keep what we want, but let go of what we don’t.

Why is it so easy to do this with presents, but not other, more important aspects of life?

Why is it that we so often keep the things that we don’t need, but so easily let go of the things that we do?

We hold onto criticism, letting the words poison our attitudes.

Yet we deflect compliments, refusing to accept that they may true.

We hold onto painful memories, focussing on them as we replay them over and over again in our minds.

Yet we soon forget the good times, rushing past them in our anxiousness to move on to the next conquest.

As we consider which gifts to keep and which to let go of, don’t forget the more important things that we should either retain or leave behind.

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