December 2012

31st – The Top 10 Most Popular Posts of 2012

28th – The Man Who Lived By the River – A Story About How God Helps Us

27th – The Nefarious Cuckoo and Your Career Aspirations

26th – Trees and Matchsticks

25th – 10 Things I’m Grateful For This Christmas

24th – Don’t Be a Goat

21st – How the Third Wise Man Was Chosen – A Christmas Story

20th – The 2012 Christmas Message From Darren and the Family

19th – The New Illiterate

18th – How Can You Hear a Moth’s Wings Flapping?

17th – How To Make Better Decisions

14th – Losing Your Marbles – A Story About Making the Most of Your Life

13th – Coaching and Encouragement, Solicited or Unsolicited?

12th – Why Today Is Called the Present

11th – Who’s Your Pacemaker?

10th – When You Climb Into the Ring

7th – The Many Women I’ve Been Married To

6th – Release the Hounds!

5th – You Have to Believe Before You Can Achieve

4th – What If I Fail?

3rd – Blackbirds and Parenting

November 2012

30th – The Two Polar Bears – A Story About the Need For Initiative

29th – Wisdom From a Man Who Died Smiling

28th – Do It With Elan

27th – To Those Who Dare

26th – The Rifleman’s Creed

23rd – 3 Reasons To Finish the Year Strongly

22nd – Don’t Be Like the Paradoxical Frog

21st – Human Connection and Why It Matters in the Digital Age

20th – You Don’t Drift Your Way To Success

19th – How To Get People To Care More About What You Have To Offer

16th – The Big Race – A Story About Relying On Your Talent To Succeed

15th – DUMB Goals

14th – What’s Scarier?

13th – Help Someone To Turn It Around

12th – A Big Announcement

9th – The Most Important Decision Regarding Your Children’s Education

8th – Pushing Through the Wall

7th – Want is Better than Should

6th – The Dog’s Diary and the Cat’s Diary

5th – There Are No Monsters Under the Bed

2nd – Inspirational People – Eilmer of Malmesbury

1st – Before you Give Up

October 2012

31st – What Can We Learn From Grizzly Bears?

30th – 10 Reasons To Say No To Your Life’s Calling (and One To Say Yes)

29th – How To Start Changing the World

26th – A Man of Prayer and Action – A Story About Finding the Right Rhythm in Life

25th – Who’s Right, the Pessimists or the Optimists?

24th – Don’t Worry About Making the Wrong Choice

23rd – Death By a Thousand Cuts

22nd – Opportunityisnowhere

19th – The Goose and the Horse – A Story About Maximising Your Strengths

18th – What if Nobody Appreciates Your Work?

17th – Televisions and Libraries, Big or Small?

16th – It Starts With a Blank Page

15th – Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

12th – How to Get Sudden Insights

11th – There’s No Such Thing as a Million Dollar Idea

10th – I Can’t Run a Marathon… Yet!

9th – A Lesson From a Lazy Kestrel

8th – Brilliant Quotes – Rumi

5th – The Street Merchant – A Story About Knowing Your Value

4th – Sometimes, I Don’t Have Any Words

3rd – Once Upon a Time… They Lived Happily Ever After

2nd – Even Optimists Have Bad Days

1st – Someday, Somebody

September 2012

28th – Stop Aspiring and Start Doing

27th – It’s Time to Sit in the Reserved Seating

26th – How To Overcome Depression When Job Hunting

25th – What’s Harder, Wood or Concrete?

24th – The Alternative to Murphy’s Law

21st – The Unemployed Entrepreneur – A Story About Old-Fashioned Hard Work

20th – How Many Times Have You Been Told No?

19th – Look Up, Not Down

18th – Safety and Success Don’t Go Together

17th – Why Didn’t I?

14th – The Five Seagulls – A Story About Decisions

13th – You Can Never Be Whelming

12th – When I Look At the Mountains

11th – Stockholm Syndrome in the Workplace

10th – A Certain Amount of Arrogance

7th – Leave No Stone Unturned

6th – Wishing For the Wrong Thing

5th – Inspirational People – John Henderson

4th – Where There’s a Will

3rd – Before You Try To Climb Everest

August 2012

31st – What Cain and Abel Saw – A Story About How We Reflect the World

30th – The Pain That Comes With Living Your Purpose

29th – The New Persistent Salesman

28th – What the Conformist Asked the Rogue

27th – The Best Kind of Training

24th – Three Horses – A Story About Working With Your Strengths

23rd – What You Feed Grows, What You Starve Dies

22nd – 4 Investments You Can Make In Your Career

21st – The Importance of Positive Self-Talk

20th – Inspirational People – Tim Harris

17th – When is the Best Time to Plant a Tree?

16th – What Are You Adamant About?

15th – When the Dark Clouds Gather

14th – The Ripple Effect and Making Waves

13th – Are You the Pilot or a Passenger in Your Life?

10th – Are You Where You’re Meant To Be?

9th – Why You Need Passion When You Communicate

8th – The Romance of Baseball

7th – Light the Fuse

6th – How To Respond When You Come Second

3rd – The Average Person

2nd – Why I Don’t Ever Want To Retire

1st – What Can We Learn From the Mindsets of Olympians

July 2012

31st – You’re Never “Just” Something

30th – The Appeal of Expensive Restaurants

27th – Faster, Higher, Stronger

26th – Creating Tomorrow’s Memories Today

25th – Consider Your Epitaph, Not Your Resume

24th – Why You Need To Face Your Fears

23rd – Welcome to Apple Letter

20th – The Two Prisoners – A Story About the Value of Hope

19th – The Pretend Optimists

18th – What Are You Looking For?

17th – Inspirational People – John Stephen Akhwari

16th – It’s Only a No, If You Accept It

13th – Three Questions – A Story About What We Should Be Doing

12th – What I Want To Tell My Kids and What They Need To Hear

11th – The Connection Between Idleness and Ideas

10th – What Every Hiring Manager Does When They See Your Name

9th – The Difference Between the Trams in Melbourne and Moscow

6th – A Celebration of Life

5th – The New Guy

4th – Brilliant Quotes – Nelson Mandela

3rd – What Lions Teach Us About Our Careers

2nd – The Most Important Step on Your Journey

June 2012

29th – The Antelope and the Desert – A Story About What To Focus On

28th – How Do You Communicate Your Message?

27th – Why We Don’t Need You (and Why We Do)

26th – 3 Reasons To Delegate More

25th – Do You Get Paid to Be Unhappy?

22nd – The Karate Students – A Story About Learning to be Great

21st – Who’s Going To Be You?

20th – How To Respond After Making a Stupid Mistake

19th – The League of Ordinary Gentlemen

18th – Don’t Eat Fortune’s Cookie

15th – Waiting For Success – A Story About Making it Happen

14th – The Difference Between Spending and Investing Time

13th – How Optimists View the Current Job Market

12th – The Glory Days Aren’t in the Past

11th – Build Your Wings on the Way Down

8th – A Crash of Rhinos

7th – How to Become a World-Class Skateboarder

6th – When You Feel Like Stopping

5th – How To Become More Interesting

4th – The Sky Is Not the Limit

1st – The Cry of the Desert – A Story About Finding Purpose

May 2012

31st – Just Jump!

30th – Asking the Right “What If” Questions

29th – Get Off the Travelator

28th – How Beavers Change the Landscape

25th – 3 Ways to Respond to Being Made Redundant

24th – Rise and Shine

23rd – The 10 Commandments of Resumes

22nd – The Unfair Advantage That Winners Have

21st – When Is the Best Time to Encourage Someone?

18th – Use Speakers, Not Headphones

17th – I’m Not Responsible, But I Am Responsible

16th – 5 Little Goals a Day

15th – Inspirational People – Gac Filipaj

14th – Do You Attack Life or Do You Retreat From It?

11th – The Ceramics Teacher – A Story About the Benefits of Mistakes

10th – Stop Sharpening Your Pencils

9th – Every Job Is Temporary

8th – The Cement Truck and Our Minds

7th – The Two Ceiling Painters

4th – How Greatest Hits Albums Are Made

3rd – How To Help Our Kids Reach For Their Dreams

2nd – Every Setback, Every Obstacle, Every Time You Hear the Word “No”

1st – 3 Statements To Help You Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking

April 2012

30th – How to Turn Mission Impossible Into Mission Possible

27th – The Wise General – A Story About the Value of Self Belief

26th – 6 Job Hunting Tips For Over 50’s

25th – Where Does Inspiration Come From?

24th – You Don’t Have To Be a Back-up Singer Forever

23rd – Are You Excited About Starting or Finishing?

20th – In Every Acorn is an Oak Tree

19th – You Don’t Have To Lead

18th – Waiting For the Right Time

17th – Who Are You Comparing Yourself To?

16th – Who Are You Unavailable To?

13th – The Rabbi’s Gift – A Story About Believing in Yourself (and Others)

12th – I Spy With My Little Eye Something Beginning With…

11th – Keep Fuelling the Fire

10th – Playing It Safe Is Playing For Second Place

9th – Situation Vacant

6th – What I Love About Easter

5th – The Longest Migration and the Necessity of Change

4th – Don’t Wither on the Tree

3rd – Brilliant Quotes – Failure

2nd – Look at the Stonecutter

March 2012

30th – The Two Bricklayers – A Story About Our Mindsets

29th – My Favourite Definition of Resilience

28th – Stop Stepping on Cockroaches

27th – It’s Never Been Easier to Build an Audience

26th – Which Navy Seal Makes It Through Training?

23rd – The Bamboo Farmer – A Story About Patient Persistence

22nd – Why the Poison Dart Frog is So Toxic

21st – Pushing Through the Lines

20th – What Are You Waiting For?

19th – The Top 10 Lies That We Tell Ourselves About Work

16th – What Were You Born To Do?

15th – The Poet and the Journalist

14th – The Inevitability of Pain

13th – Are You the Exception or the Norm?

12th – Just Think About the Money

9th – The Elderly Artist – A Story About the Value of Encouragement

8th – How Often Should Leaders Communicate a Message?

7th – Be Your Best Anyway!

6th – Fall Down Seven Times, Stand Up Eight

5th – 4 Factors You Need To Get To Your Destination in Life

2nd – Are You a Shusher or a Shushee?

1st – What Can We Learn From Owls?

February 2012

29th – Your Exploits Will Never Exceed Your Dreams

28th – 12 Things You Should Do When You Don’t Feel Like It

27th – What You Expect From Your Children, You Need To Be Yourself

24th – I Could Have Done That – A Story About Acting on Your Dreams

23rd – Ignore the Haters

22nd – How to Start a New Habit

21st – The Magpie and the Mirror

20th – What Are You Going To Do With Your Extra Day?

17th – 500th Post

16th – Inspirational People – Jeremy Lin

15th – It’s Never Too Late

14th – The 5 Love Languages

13th – The Best Time to Say Sorry

10th – The Boy Who Learned to Swim – A Story About Continuous Improvement

9th – Brilliant Quotes – Muhammad Ali

8th – What’s the Greater Risk?

7th – Four Words That Can Change Your Life

6th – Putting a Toothbrush in Your Mouth Doesn’t Mean That You’re Brushing

3rd – 10 Observations From My Stay in Hospital

2nd – Every Little Bit Helps

1st – What Job Hunters Control (and What They Don’t)

January 2012

31st – Don’t End Up Like the Dead Sea

30th – The Man in the Arena

27th – You’ve Got Eight Seconds

26th – You Don’t Drown By Falling in Water

25th – How to Make the Good Times Seem Longer and the Bad Times Shorter

24th – The Swing That Doesn’t Swing

23rd – The Chinese Word For Crisis

20th – A Carrot, an Egg and a Cup of Coffee – A Story About Dealing With Challenges

19th – Get Rid of Your Alibi

18th – I’m Glad I Did or I Wish I Did?

17th – Why Dragons Are Always Unhappy

16th – Dispatch or Despatch?

13th – The Two Rabbits – A Story About Wisdom

12th – What Can We Learn From Sharks?

11th – The Noble Treadmill

10th – Castles in the Air

9th – Have a Coffee First

6th – The Eagle and the Chickens – A Story About Being Who You Are Meant to Be

5th – Some Day Never Comes

4th – Jugglers Can’t Juggle At Birth

3rd – Keep Going!

2nd – My Prayer For You in 2012