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Any person who has achieved extraordinary deeds has had bold ambition, challenging goals and big dreams.

From Martin Luther King’s dream of people from all races living in harmony, to Bill Gates goal of a PC on every desk, to Sir Edmund Hillary’s aim to climb Mt. Everest, big dreams are required to excite, inspire and motivate us to break out of mediocrity and start charging towards a life of significance.

Not that everyone with big dreams takes action towards them, because there are many who never wake up from their dreams for long enough to make them a reality.

Not that everyone with big dreams will ever fully achieve them.  When Martin Luther King was assassinated, there was still a long way to go to make his dream a reality and I’m not entirely sure that we’re there yet.

Not that you won’t have critics, self-doubt, moments of panic or significant obstacles along the way.  Hopefully, your dreams are compelling enough to carry you through these and other challenges.

But you can be sure that small dreams only inspire small achievements, nothing more.

So if you want to live a life of significance, dream big.

Actually, dream huge, perhaps even seemingly impossible.

Because your exploits will never exceed your dreams, but they may be limited by them.

What are you dreaming of achieving?

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