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We’ve been very busy lately.

In the midst of my usual job, organising our son’s 7th birthday party and writing this blog, we’ve had a lot of clients coming in to have their resume done through our home business.

As we schedule more clients and try to find a way to get the work done, I’ve found myself saying to my wife, “Just think about the money.”

It’s a nice platitude to use when we have so much on our plate and we’re certainly blessed to have so many people coming to see us, but I have to ask myself, is money the right thing to be thinking about?

If I am too busy and am running myself into the ground, should I really be thinking about the money?

Shouldn’t I also be thinking about my children?  Making sure that I’m spending time with them?

Shouldn’t I also be thinking about my health?  Making sure that I’m not getting too stressed and finding the time to exercise properly?

I’ve met a lot of people who think about the money as they work excessive hours.

Unfortunately, such thinking can justify the wrong types of behaviours and let’s face it, if we’re only working for the money, I’m sure that there are better uses of our time and energy.

From now on, I’m planning to think about other, more meaningful things as well as money to make sure that I’m living a more balanced life.

Who’s with me?

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