One of my favourite blogs at the moment is “Live Your Legend” by life coach and entrepreneur, Scott Dinsmore.

He recently interviewed Simon Sinek, author of “Start with Why.”  It’s a great interview and you can find it on Scott’s site here.

During the interview, Simon mentions that only 10% of Navy Seals make it through the initial training process and he gives some insights as to who gets through.

It’s not the big, muscle-bound guys. They look impressive, but don’t have what it takes.

It’s not the tattooed tough guys.  They look scary, but don’t have what it takes.

It’s not the college-educated stars.  They look like leaders, but don’t have what it takes.

The ones who make it through don’t necessarily look impressive and there may be times during the training when they are shivering in fear.

But at some point during the gruelling, punishing training, when they’re exhausted, when they’re mentally spent and when it doesn’t look as though they can go on, they dig deep and find a way to help the person next to them.

This is a great reminder that success in life isn’t about how good you look on the outside.

It’s about how you can help, guide and encourage others with the skills and abilities that you have.

It’s not about beating the competition.

It’s about finding people you can collaborate with to do something amazing.

And if you are consistently generous, inspiring and focus on the success of others, a funny thing happens.

People become more responsive to your needs and you end up getting the assistance that you need to achieve your own dreams and aspirations.

Or as Zig Ziglar once said, “You can have everything in life that you want if you will just help other people get what they want.

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