Tree chewed through by beavers along the Tuala...

Tree chewed through by beavers in Oregon. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Beavers truly are extraordinary creatures.

With their razor sharp teeth, they have the ability to eat their way through a tree trunk in less than an hour.

Then, one tree at a time, they start to build their dam.

A tree is taken down and carefully placed into position.  But one tree doesn’t make much of a difference.

So another tree is lopped and moved, all to little avail.

It may take hundreds of trees to complete their structures, but this doesn’t stop them from working diligently until eventually their construction is completed.

Then something remarkable happens.

As water builds up behind the dam, the whole landscape starts to change.

Rivers are diverted, lakes are formed and whole ecosystems are created all because of the diligence of a small rodent that never gives up.

We have the same capacity.

It’s great to have big dreams, but it takes a series of small, consistent actions to bring those dreams to reality.

The first action may not make a difference, but keep going.

The second step may do little more, but don’t be disheartened.

Over time, step by step, you start to notice real progress until eventually you get to a point when all of the work that you’ve done changes the world around you forever.

You can make a difference.

Just don’t give up until you get there.

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