Every organisation has a league of ordinary gentlemen.

They hang around and complain about everything they see.

They do the bare minimum and see any performance system as unfair favouritism.

Their energy levels are low and when they’re together it drops even further.

They attribute the success of others to luck.

They’re overly sensitive to criticism, taking any constructive feedback as a personal affront.

They can’t wait to get back to each other to justify their situations.

And they’re recruiting at the moment.

They want more members, because the more people who join them, the more they can rationalise that they’re right to be ordinary.

But they’re not right.

We shouldn’t be in a consortium with people who hold us back, we should be surrounded by people who inspire us to be our best.

You can’t be extraordinary if you’re surrounded by mediocrity.

And we need you to be extraordinary.

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