Antelope male looking up

Antelope (Photo from Wikipedia)

A man and his son observed an antelope that was looking out over the desert.

“What’s he looking at dad?” asked the boy.

“What do you think?” responded the father.

“The rolling dunes?” suggested the boy.

“No, I don’t think so.”

“The millions of grains of sand?”

“No, I don’t think so.”

“What else is there?  All I can see is the desert and the desert is made up if rolling dunes with millions of grains of sand.”

“Son, if the antelope only looked at the sand, he would die from lack of hope.  He’s looking for signs of life, for something green, for an opportunity to eat.  He knows that his survival depends not on focussing on the seemingly overwhelming problems around him, but on finding the one solution that can sustain him.”

The boy looked at the antelope with a newfound respect.

His father wrapped his arm around his son’s shoulder and whispered into his ear, “And we’re not that different.”

My question for you today is, when you look into the world do you see a myriad of problems or a possible solution.

Be careful what you look for, your survival could depend on it.

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