Sometimes, I come across pretend optimists.

They seem to say all of the right things.

“Life’s good.”

“Next year is going to be better.”

“I’m alright.”

“I can do this.”

But something gives them away.

It might be their body language.

The look of resignation when they say what they think is the right thing to say.

The shoulders slumped as they realise the hollowness of their words.

The lack of life in the eyes that completely contradicts what they’re saying.

Or maybe it’s the lack of action.

Constantly talking about the future without doing anything to move closer to it.

Constantly saying, “I can do this” without ever actually trying.

Pretend optimists are at least trying to say the right thing.

They have an understanding of how they should think and act, so they put on a brave face in public, even if behind closed doors the facade comes off and the negative thoughts begin to take over.

So if that’s you, let me encourage you today.

There’s another level.

It’s a level that finds a way to support such words with congruent body language and meaningful action.

It’s a level that understands that there really is something to be optimistic about and the future is bright for those who dare to try to create a remarkable life for themselves and those around them.

And it’s a level that knows that you can be that person.

And you don’t need to pretend any more.

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