The average person:

  • Doesn’t read regularly.
  • Watches too much television.
  • Doesn’t exercise or eat right.
  • Neglects their spiritual life.
  • Holds grudges for years.
  • Has the same ideas from 10 years ago.
  • Spends now and pays later.
  • Complains about their job, but does nothing about it.
  • Wants to hide in the herd.
  • Creates nothing that lasts.
  • Doesn’t prioritise education, either for themselves or their children.
  • Is great at finding problems, but not so good at identifying solutions.
  • Doesn’t see themselves as a leader.
  • Doesn’t know what they can be really good at.

But you’re not average are you?

You expect more from yourself and from life.

Because you want more than average.

And we need your greatness!

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