Nevada shore of Lake Tahoe around the barge li...

Nevada shore of Lake Tahoe (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There’s a legend that as Cain and Abel (the sons of Adam and Eve) explored the world for the first time, they came upon a lake.

They had never seen such a large expanse of water before and hesitated before investigating closer.

Cain went first and peered into the surface of the lake.

He saw a face that scowled back at him and concluded that the lake must be a cruel, hateful place that should be avoided and not trusted.

After telling Abel what he saw, the other brother went to look for himself.

Abel saw a smiling face looking back at him and concluded that the lake must be a beautiful thing that should be warmly regarded and treated with respect.

Of course, what they saw was their own reflection in the lake and the same is true for us.

We often see the world as we see ourselves and our circumstances and attitudes about life are a reflection of our perspective.

Some people see the world as a dark, hopeless place with much to be fearful and suspicious of.

Some see it as a warm, generous land of opportunity full of love and light.

I suspect that in their own eyes, they’re both right.

And I suspect that with a shift in perspective, we can all see the world reflected through eyes full of hope and beauty.

When you look at the world, what does it reflect back?

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