It seems like an obvious question doesn’t it?

If you bang a piece of wood against a concrete wall, the wood will soon break apart.

But as I drove along our street the other day, I was reminded of an important principle.

I saw a tree growing next to a concrete path and over time, the roots of the tree had started to crack the concrete and break through.

Despite the concrete being obviously harder, the tree had won the battle through sheer persistence and slow, inexorable progress.

Sometimes in life it seems as though the challenges in front of us are too difficult to overcome.

We feel as though we are banging our head against a brick wall and there’s no point in trying any more.

Or is there?

What if you never gave up?

What if you kept chipping away?

What if you made a tiny bit of progress towards your goal every single day?

For day after day after day?

Is it possible that you, like the roots of a tree, can break through for victory in your life?

I think it is possible!

I believe that it can be done!

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