I met a young man a few days ago who had an excuse for everything.  Life was hard, he had health problems, he felt under pressure and the future was grim.

He was a genuine, card-carrying pessimist.

There are others I know for whom the sun is always shining, the world is full of boundless opportunity and nothing can wipe the smiles from their faces.

They are bone fide optimists.

I spoke to another man recently who started our conversation feeling trapped, but through the course of the interaction started to see opportunities to take action that had the potential to create a better future for him and his family.

He started pessimistically and after an hour, was a lot more optimistic.

But which one is right.

Is the world really that diabolical?

Is it really that great?

Can it really be bad and then after an hour be better?

To each of these questions, I would answer yes, yes and yes.

Those who choose to focus on their problems, on all of the negatives in the world and define themselves by their issues will be proven correct.

Their lives will be miserable and they will have every reason to complain.

Those who choose to focus on finding solutions, who laugh freely, live with gratitude, are unafraid of making mistakes and look forward to an exciting future will also be proven correct.

There may be a few challenges along the way, but their ebullience and optimism will carry them through, giving them every reason to feel positive about life.

And those who are experiencing challenging situations who are able to find light, humour, opportunities and blessings in the midst of their circumstances will also be correct in doing so.

There is hope, there is resourceful action that can be taken and the future is bright for those who learn to rise again every time they fall.

This has nothing to do with circumstances.

I’ve met homeless children in St. Petersburg with contagious smiles and millionaires who are depressed about their situations.

Never forget that every single day you choose your mindset.

Too often, we look for reasons to justify how we feel about life.

Whether we feel good, bad or indifferent, we want to be right.

Why not choose the path that leads to a positive, more resourceful future?

And be right about that!

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