A Australian Green Tree Frog

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There’s an obscure species of frog from South America that is appropriately named the paradoxical frog.

The name refers to the fact that this amphibian starts life as an extremely large tadpole (up to 25cm) before reverting to a much smaller frog in adulthood.

Whilst I’m sure that such unusual behaviour serves to protect the adult frog from predators, it would seem that many people suffer from a similar affliction.

It seems to me as though many people peak early in life.

There was a time when they had influence, ideas and energy.

Things were going well and the future looked bright.

Then something happened.

Perhaps there was a major disappointment that left them discouraged, so they gave up on their dreams.

Perhaps they got comfortable with their situation and thought that success would come easily.

Perhaps they thought that they had made it already and forgot to continue learning, allowing everyone else to pass them by.

And over time, their influence got smaller, their ideas more limited, their perspective on the future more negative.

And now more time is spent reflecting on past glories than working towards future accomplishments.

More time is spent regretting the current predicament than working towards turning it around.

More time is spent relying on the limited ideas of the past than learning more to prepare for the future.

And eventually, just like the paradoxical frog, they end up smaller than they started.

Don’t let this happen to you.

Keep growing, keep learning and keep expanding your influence so that you can honestly proclaim that the best is yet to come.

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