To those who dare:

  • to follow their dreams.
  • to be the dissenting voice in a room full of yes-men.
  • to be truly innovative.
  • to invest energy and time becoming elite at something.
  • to smile in the face of difficult times.
  • to be generous to those who rarely show their appreciation.
  • to solve the problems that everyone else is complaining about.
  • to stand in front of an audience and communicate with passion and brilliance.
  • to push past obstacles that have overwhelmed and stopped the progress of others.
  • to risk criticism to do outstanding or creative work.
  • to write that script, thesis, novel, song or blog that only you can write.
  • to say no to injustice.
  • to act in spite of their fear.
  • to think that they can change the world!

You have our admiration.

You have our applause.

And you have an exciting future ahead of you.

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