English: Polar Bear (Ursus maritimus) cubs.

Polar Bear cubs. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There were once two polar bear twins who had grown old enough to leave their mother’s care.

They were sitting on separate ice floes in the middle of the ocean wondering what to do next.

The sister peered into the water and knew that she had to dive in to hunt for her lunch.

The brother sat on the ice and hoped that a nice juicy seal would jump onto his ice flow for him to eat.

The sister put her paw in the water and felt how cold it was.  She knew that it wouldn’t be easy to survive.

The brother sat back watching his sister and wondered what she was doing.  Surely a seal would come within reach soon.

The sister dived in and looked for her prey.  After a while she re-emerged.  She hadn’t caught anything and was now cold and wet, as well as hungry.

The brother laughed at his sister’s foolishness.

The sister dived in again.  Again she emerged with nothing to show for her efforts, but she had got closer this time and was encouraged by the improvement in her hunting abilities.

The brother yelled out to her, “You’re crazy!  Why don’t you just wait, eventually a seal will come to you.”

She humphed and dived in again.  This time, she was successful and emerged with a young seal which she consumed enthusiastically.  It was the best meal she had ever eaten and she felt satisfied afterwards as she dozed off and had a snooze.

The brother’s stomach grumbled with hunger.  “Life’s not fair.” he thought to himself.

The sister went on to become a feared hunter and lived a long happy life.

Sadly, the brother never braved the cold water, never chased his food, but waited for it to come to him.

It never did!

We aren’t that different from these polar bears.

There are opportunities all around, but you need the courage and initiative to get uncomfortable, to push yourself and to develop your skills if you are to take advantage of them.

They won’t just jump into your lap.

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