A couple of weeks ago, Karen and I took the kids to a local park that has a pond.

We took some bread and fed the various ducks, coots and a solitary pelican.  I wasn’t aware that pelicans are partial to bread, but that’s beside the point.

As we fed them, I noticed something interesting.

There was a large bunch of about 30 ducks that had gathered together a few metres away from the water’s edge in deeper water.  They scrapped and fought for the few pieces of bread that were thrown into their midst.

There was also a solitary duck that had the courage to swim away from the flock and come closer to shore.

It realised that my five-year-old daughter, Madison, didn’t have such a strong arm and so there was a lot of bread on offer.

That duck ate well.

People aren’t that different.

We often find safety in numbers and congregate in large groups to fight over the small scraps that are available.

We complain that there never seems to be enough and wish that there was less competition for the crumbs that are on offer.

They don’t like the crowd, but it offers them perceived safety and a reasonable excuse for not achieving more.

And there are a few brave souls who swim closer to the shore.

They do what no-one else has the courage to do.

They start what no-one else has the courage to start.

They take risks that no-one else has the courage to take.

And they eat well.

Don’t be part of the crowd.

Don’t live a life of scarcity.

Come closer to the shore.

Live where there’s an abundance.

It’s not as scary as you think it is.

And the brave duck is a well-fed duck.

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