Are you influencing others with your positive attitude, or are you letting others get you down?

Do you have the ability to relentless look for solutions, or are you getting caught up in the problems of others?

Does your work ethic push others to greater heights, or do you see everyone else slacken off and join in?

Are you influencing others with your generosity, or are you as suspicious of the motives of others as everyone else seems to be?

Does your enthusiasm rub off on those around you, or are the low energy levels of others draining you?

Do you look for opportunities to encourage others, or are you waiting for someone to say something nice about you first?

Are you influencing others with your optimistic perspective of the future, or are the bleak, cynical views that others hold winning?

Whether you like it or not, either you’re influencing or you’re being influencing.

Who’s influencing whom?

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