I recently read Robert D. Smith’s “20,000 Days and Counting” and highlighted this line:

“Something occurred to me after talking to a highly sought-after speaker who receives a standing ovation almost every time he speaks: Very few people on the planet will ever receive a standing ovation for anything they do in their entire lives. Suddenly, I took it upon myself to give everyone a standing ovation every day, every chance I could.”

I love this concept.

Catch people doing great work and recognise their efforts.

It could be your kids doing their homework.

It could be a waitress who serves with efficiency and a smile.

It could be a call centre worker who treats you like a person and not a number.

It could be your kid’s teacher who helps to give your child a healthy self-esteem as well as an excellent education.

It could be a nurse with a friendly bedside manner who helps you to forget about your pain.

They’re out there, you just need to look for them.

There are people who will never receive much adulation or thanks.

They do their best and whilst most of it is in anonymity, they deserve a standing ovation.

And you’re the person to give it to them.

You’ll help to make others feel better about themselves.

You’ll encourage them to continue to do their best.

You’ll feel good that you did it.

And you may just find that the people around you will respond to you more positively in the future as well.

Who do you need to give a standing ovation to today?

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