Schools don’t cope well with disruptive children.

Kids who talk in class, who don’t put their hands up before answering, who paint a dinosaur instead of a house and who can’t sit still for a moment.

They are told to be quiet, to wait until they’re called upon, to do what they’re told and to sit still.

They eventually learn to conform (at least, most of them do).

And then they become adults.

This is when the problems start.

Our society doesn’t need adults who don’t communicate, who won’t give their opinion unless asked, who wait for instructions before taking action and who sit at their desk in a cubicle all day.  We’ve got enough of them and they aren’t going to do anything remarkable.

We need disruptive adults.

We need people who question the status quo.

We need people who take action.

We need people who are creative and non-conforming.

We need people who have a unique perspective on challenging problems.

We need people who have the courage to be different.

Frankly, we need people who haven’t had the initiative, drive, innovation and confidence beaten out of them as children.

And I suspect that we need an education system that fosters the brilliant business minds of tomorrow as well.

Having said that, if you’re an adult now, there’s no point in looking back and blaming an overbearing parent or teacher for your inability to grab life by the scruff of the neck.

Just make the decision to be the disruptive adult that we need you to be, that will allow you to maximise your potential and make a meaningful difference in your office, church and family.

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