Our scars can be physical reminders of the mistakes that we have made in the past.

That time you fell off the bike or accidentally cut yourself with a knife.

We see them and remember the exact moment when it happened, visualising the blood and wincing at the pain.

And we become cautious about experiencing such pain again, so we take the appropriate precautions, learning from the experience.

Sometimes, we carry with us emotional scars as well.

Those moments that are too painful to talk about.

The events that bring us shame or leave us feeling depressed.

So we avoid thinking about them and try to build walls that will protect us from experiencing pain in the future.  We become hesitant to take risks and find it difficult to be vulnerable around others again.

But what if we looked at our scars differently?

What if instead of seeing them as reminders of our pain we saw them as badges of honour?

What if our past experiences didn’t stop us from doing something, but built our resilience and enabled us to do more?

Don’t be scared of your scars.

They don’t have to be reminders of pain, but can be reminders that we’ve survived.

Whether it’s a grazed knee or a bruised heart that you’ve experienced in the past, you’re a survivor.

You’re still here.

And your scars are evidence of that.

Be proud of them.

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