The moments that change us are:

  • The risks that we take.
  • The inspiring and challenging conversations that we have.
  • The painful experiences that we survive.
  • The mistakes that we learn from.
  • The information that we gather and put into action.
  • The decisions that we make.
  • The new experiences that we have.
  • The relationships that we build.

None of these things happen when we sit on a comfy chair in front of a TV or computer.

I’m happy to admit that I haven’t reached my full potential yet and I suspect that you haven’t either.

That means that we have to continue to change and develop if we are to accomplish all that we are meant to and become the person God designed us to be.

Change… real change… meaningful change only happens when we leave the comfort of what we know and the safety of our perceived sanctuary and launch into experiences, challenges and interactions that will test us, stretch us and help us to grow into the person that we are meant to be.

It feels uncomfortable.

We would rather avoid them.

It can be scary as hell.

But these are the moments that change us.

And we can all do with some more of them.

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