Have you ever had a great day ruined by one bad experience?

Or a bad day saved by a positive moment?

You would think that logically a bad moment plus a good moment would equal a neutral experience, but it rarely seems to work like that.

It’s as though mixing black with white doesn’t equal grey, but it either becomes totally black or completely white, depending on our perspective and focus.

So how does it work for you?

Does the perfect afternoon ever get ruined by a single interaction that doesn’t go your way, or are you able to turn a shocker of a day into a great one through one positive moment?

Do you focus on the one surly customer amidst 20 perfectly polite customers, or are you able to be grateful for the one delightful person on a day when everyone else seems to be in a bad mood?

What if you were able to ignore or at least diminish the power of the negative in your life so that it didn’t overwhelm the blessings that you have?

And what if you could walk through a terrible experience with a smile because you were still able to hold on to the few good things that give you moments of joy?

Would life seem better?

So, tell me, what does good plus bad equal for you?

Is it still good?

Or is it bad?

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