I met a great family last week.

I was assisting the middle-aged father and teen-aged daughter of the family with their career aspirations and it was a pleasure helping them.

Then there was the mum.

She was a great lady who organised the appointments and was constantly encouraging her loved ones with statements like:

“You can do it.”

“You’re very good at that.”

“Don’t underestimate yourself.”

But then, when the attention turned to herself, she wanted to quickly change the subject.  Her bright cheer leading turned, as she rapidly started to identify her own flaws, made excuses for herself and outlined the obstacles that would hold her back from having a successful career in her own right.

I’ve met a lot of people like her.

They are great at encouraging, motivating and empowering others, but don’t believe that they are capable of the very things that they want for others.

Some believe that all they can do is encourage.

Some believe that they aren’t capable of more.

Some don’t like being the one in the spotlight who is trying to perform remarkable deeds.

Some are just afraid.

So, to all of the humble encouragers out there, let me simply say:

“You can do it.”

“You’re very good at that.”

“Don’t underestimate yourself.”

If you’re a humble encourager, don’t hold yourself back any longer.

Your humility is no longer helpful as it has become a millstone around your neck, restricting you and holding back from the fullness of your purpose.

You have amazing skills as well and can make the world a better place, not just through your encouraging words (although we certainly appreciate them), but through your inspirational work.

If you know a humble encourager, feel free to share this with them in the hope that they will be able to fully utilise all of their skills and capabilities.

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