Anyone who knows me well, will tell you that I am very proud of my children.

Before I had kids, I always said that I wouldn’t be one of those parents who prattled on about his kids, but alas, that’s what I’ve become and my three awesome children, Hayden, Madison and Logan are my favourite conversation topic.

I love them each unconditionally, but there are some moments that stand out more than others.

This week, my oldest son, 8 year-old Hayden had an extraordinary game of soccer.

He’s a reasonable soccer player, but is certainly not as technically proficient or natural at the sport as some other children.  He has scored a hat-trick in the past, but in this particular game everything seemed to go right for him and he ended up scoring 9 goals!

It was one of those games and you couldn’t wipe the smile off his face afterwards.

Of course, I was proud of my boy.

Later in the week, he had his regular basketball game.

He’s a more natural basketballer and with his height and athleticism, he and one of his mates, Darcy, dominate their hapless opponents.  Last week, they won 50-2 and this isn’t an unusual score-line for them.

However, in this game, something else stood out besides the 30-3 score.

Firstly, Hayden accidentally elbowed one of his opponents in the mouth as they both hustled for a rebound.  The other boy was in obvious discomfort, so Hayden put his arm around him to console him and apologised.

Later in the game, with the score sitting on 20-0, the other team finally hit a shot.  Hayden had a big smile on his face and gleefully high-fived the player who scored.  It wasn’t condescending or patronising, just an example of his genuine joy at someone else’s success.

Don’t get me wrong, he wants to win and plays with a competitive spirit, but his actions in these moments reflected his caring and encouraging heart.

After the game, one of the parents from the other team came up to Hayden and congratulated him on his exceptional sportsmanship.

Now, that made me even prouder of him!

It would be nice if each of my kids had the talent, focus, passion and work ethic to become a professional athlete, published author or renowned leader.

But, I would be even prouder if they turned out to be caring citizens who made a positive difference in the lives of others through low-profile, everyday actions of love.

What makes you proud of your kids?

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