It’s time to turn your question marks into exclamation points.

It’s time to turn your doubts into belief.

So whenever you ask yourself, “Can I do this?”

Respond with, “Just try and stop me!”

Whenever you ask yourself, “Do I have something of value to offer the world?”

Respond with, “Not only is it valuable, it’s necessary!”

Whenever you ask yourself, “Is there a plan and purpose for my life?”

Respond with, “Absolutely, and I’m going after it with passionate intent!”

Whenever you ask yourself, “Does God really care?”

Respond with, “Yes, He loves me and wants the best for me!”

And whenever you ask yourself, “What’s the point in trying?”

Respond with, “Because I have been equipped to make the world a better place!”

There’s nothing wrong with asking questions.

Most of us have doubts about our own capabilities and place in the world at times.

Just make sure that you respond with positive affirmations that will enable you to turn your question marks into exclamation points!

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