For most of this year, the Australian Football League has been embroiled in one of the biggest controversies in the history of Australian sport.

The Essendon Football Club was found to have brought the game into disrepute for their supplements program and the AFL handed out punishments that were unprecedented in their severity.

In the aftermath of the fines, suspensions and other punishments that were placed upon the club and some of its officials, Nathan Buckley, the senior coach of fierce rivals, Collingwood, was asked about his own club’s supplements program.

He responded with this great quote, “BHW we take a lot of – bloody hard work.”

In a world that so often looks for short cuts, magic pills, hacks and instant results, he clearly understands that there’s no substitute for rolling up the sleeves and working hard.

The most effective way to reach your goals is to work harder and longer than anyone else in your field and to keep pushing yourself to keep going after you feel like stopping.

So whether you’re looking for success in business, health, family life, your church, leadership or any other aspect of life, don’t get distracted by quick fixes, but take a big dose of BHW.

You won’t get results overnight, it may even take months or years before you start to see the impact of your diligence, but if you stay focused and disciplined, eventually you will start to build momentum and witness the progress towards the ideal future that you’re looking for.

Bloody hard work!

I recommend it daily.

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