Manta birostris-NOAA

Manta Ray (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Karen and I recently took the kids to a shark and ray centre, a terrific local venue where we could enter enclosures and hand feed a variety of shark and ray species.

It was a lot of fun and the kids absolutely loved it.

As we interacted with these remarkable animals, I reflected on one of my favourite species in the animal kingdom, the iconic manta ray.

These giant, gentle rays, which can grow to as big as 7 metres wide, seem to fly through the water.  They soar, unhurried over the oceans, feeding as they go.

As other fish flit from place to place in a mad panic, these noble creatures just float about their busyness, seemingly impervious to the pressures of ocean life.

As I considered these beautiful rays, I wondered if I shouldn’t be more like them.

Instead of running around like a headless chicken sometimes, wouldn’t it be better if I floated through life unhurried and at peace?

Instead of worrying about the future, wouldn’t it be better if I saw life as an ocean full of abundant resources?

Manta rays.

They are one of the most spectacular creatures in the ocean and a reminder that we are better to soar through life than scurry about.

Is there anything else that you think we can learn from manta rays?

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