This Christmas what are you going to give your kids?

Presents or presence?

Are you going to work extra hard so that you can afford that expensive toy or gadget that they want?

Do you feel so guilty about how little attention you give your little ones all year that you grant them whatever is on their list for Santa?

Do you buy more stuff for yourself to fill a void in your life and feel compelled to do the same for your children?

Or during this holiday season, will you give them the time and attention that they deserve?

Will you enable them to understand that they are more valuable than your work or the stuff that money can buy?

Will you take the time to get to know them better, take an interest in their unique hobbies and help them to develop a healthy self-esteem?

This Christmas (and any other time of year), what do your kids really want from you?

They may say that they want presents, but I would suggest that they would benefit more from your presence.

Your kids will grow up quickly and if you blink you’ll miss it.

Sure you can buy them nice things, but if you don’t maximise your time with them, you’ll eventually regret it.

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