Birth of Jesus Matthew 2:1

Birth of Jesus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I love Christmas!

It’s a joyful time of year for so many reasons.

It’s a time of giving and receiving.

A time to remember the underprivileged and act with kindness.

A time to spend with loved ones.

A time of wonder when spent in the company of children.

A time of rest, relaxation and too much food.

Most significantly for me, it’s a time of joy as I remember the birth of Jesus.

The birth that demonstrates how much God loves us.

The birth that brings reconciliation to the Father.

The birth of the One who erases my past and gives me hope for the future.

The birth of the One who has a plan and purpose for my life.

He came to bring joy to the world.

I pray that you are able to experience that joy this Christmas and every other day of the year.

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