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It’s time to get even with a few people.

Not with those who have hurt you, but with those who have helped you.

Not with those who doubted you, but with those who believed in you.

Not with those who said no to you, but with those who gave you opportunities.

Not with those who betrayed you, but with those who were there when you needed them.

Not with those who thought that you couldn’t, but with those who knew that you could.

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This Christmas what are you going to give your kids?

Presents or presence?

Are you going to work extra hard so that you can afford that expensive toy or gadget that they want?

Do you feel so guilty about how little attention you give your little ones all year that you grant them whatever is on their list for Santa?

Do you buy more stuff for yourself to fill a void in your life and feel compelled to do the same for your children?

Or during this holiday season, will you give them the time and attention that they deserve?

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Young Tom was chatting to his mentor, Dwyer, about his future career options.

“I think that I could be a great leader one day!” Tom proudly announced.

“OK, well I think that I could be a bullfrog one day,”  responded Dwyer.

Dwyer often came out with seemingly absurd statements and they continually frustrated and confused his younger protegé.

“Don’t be ridiculous, I really think that I could be a leader one day, you could never be a bullfrog,” retorted Tom.

“If you can think that you can be a leader, why can’t I think that I could be a bullfrog?”

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On the other side of the clouds, the sun is shining and waiting to burst through.

On the other side of the storm, there is peace and tranquility.

On the other side of the hill that you’re climbing, there is a downward slope.

On the other side of discipline, there is success.

On the other side of wrestling with the tough issues of life, there is insight and progress.

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It’s easy to get caught up in the cycle of checking various sources of information to see what we may have missed.

We hate the idea of being the last to know, so we habitually and regularly check Facebook, Twitter, email and various news sites so that we don’t miss out on the latest gossip, news or pictures of cats.

This seems like a nice idea until we realise how much time we’ve wasted in our constant, incessant clicking for the latest information.

Perhaps instead of asking “What did I miss?” we should be asking “What can I do?”

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A few days ago, I was working in my office and observed a fly buzzing up and down my glass office door.

It clearly wanted to go outside, but was unable to find a way.

Annoyingly, it buzzed around for a few minutes, distracting me as it went.

I got up and opened the door, but the insect ignored the opening and kept moving up and down the glass.

As I cursed the fly and its stupidity, I realised how similar we can be to the fly on the window.

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Hopefully, there are people who see great things in you.

They have identified your potential and encourage you to be your best.

They cheer you on when times are tough and celebrate with you when times are good.

Then again, there may be people who doubt your capabilities.

They are constant critics and their negative words ring in your ears.

They can’t wait for you to fail and watch your every move with suspicion and look for you to make your next mistake.

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Hayden and his new friend Eddie

Hayden and his new friend Eddie

Eddie the echidna was upset and marched up to his mother.

“I never want to eat ants again!” he loudly proclaimed.  “All we eat are ants and I’m sick of them.”

“But, you’re an echidna, you’re supposed to eat ants,” his mother said.

“Not any more, I’m going to become a meat eater from now on,” said Eddie defiantly as he walked off.

After walking for a while, Eddie spied a mob of kangaroos and started to stalk them.  He saw one of the large marsupials away from the rest of the group and honed in on it.

When he got close enough, he pounced and landed on the tail of a massive male kangaroo.

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My 6 year-old daughter, Madison, has a fascination with my wife’s Scottish heritage, and in particular, the national dish, haggis.

She has a naturally inquisitive nature and wants to know what it looks like, tastes like and is made out of.

I’ve told her about my experience eating haggis in Edinburgh many years ago.

We’ve watched YouTube clips together of people eating it and laughed at their mixed reactions.

But she won’t know what it’s like until she’s tried it herself.

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There’s a constant tension in life.

We want to have fun and have a good time.

But we are also aware that we have to work hard to make a living and pay the bills.

We need bliss and we need blisters.

There are those who take the fun part too far.

They think that they can live the high life and have everything that they want right now without working for it.  They sacrifice their future for the present, by making decisions based on what feels best in the moment, rather than what’s best in the long-term.

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