I believe that every person on this planet is unique.

God doesn’t do copies, he creates originals and every single person has something different about them.

And I’m not just talking about our fingerprints or DNA.

I’m talking about our:

  • backgrounds,
  • perspectives,
  • natural talents,
  • physical capabilities,
  • intellect,
  • personalities.
  • delightful idiosyncrasies.

Every person is different.

But if this is true, why do so many of us do exactly what the person next to us is doing?

We answer the phone the same way, we try to fit in, we conform, hide and maintain the status quo.

We become average, cardboard, “tastes like chicken”, beige clones.

A parrot can parrot, we were meant for something more!

We were meant to:

  • express our uniqueness with remarkable work that no-one else can do,
  • build connections that no-one else can build,
  • create innovative solutions that no-one else has thought of,
  • help those around us by bringing joy, wisdom and compassion in distinct ways that no-one else can replicate.
  • make a positive difference in the world in ways that no-one else can.

You are unique and that matters!

So stop trying to fit in.

Stop hiding your capabilities.

Stop being satisfied with being average.

And be the person you were meant to be.

That remarkable, world-changing, unique person.

That masterpiece that God has designed you to be.

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