In 5, 10 or 20 years time, what will your future self say?

Will you be full of regrets or will you say thanks?

When you assess your career, will you regret not working harder or taking more risks, or will you say thanks for creating such a satisfying role that pays so well?

When you assess your relationships, will you regret not spending more time with your loved ones, or will you say thanks for investing in your marriage, friendships and relationships with your kids?

When you assess your intellect, will you regret not learning or reading more, or will you say thanks for maintaining your mind?

When you assess your finances, will you regret spending more than you earn, stockpiling a mountain of debt in the process, or will you say thanks for saving so that you can live a more comfortable life with less stress in the years ahead.

When you assess yourself physically, will you regret not moving more and eating less, or will you say thanks for looking after yourself?

It can be tempting to make decisions that only suit you in the short term, and in a culture of immediacy, I see a lot of people living in way that may feel good now, but will have negative consequences in the years ahead.

One day your future self will look back.

What will it say?

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