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I’m not there yet, but I’m getting there.

Sometimes, I feel as though I still have a long way to go, but I’m getting there.

Sometimes, my steps are bold, sometimes, they are tentative, but I’m getting there.

Sometimes, my vision of the future is clear, sometimes, it’s a bit blurry, but I’m getting there.

Sometimes, I come across obstacles that are meant to stop me, but they will only slow me down and renew my determination, because I’m getting there.

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I’m sure that most of us could do with a bit more luck in our lives.

People buy lottery tickets, gamble on racehorses or take speculative (at best) risks on the stock exchange, hoping that a lucky break will fall their way and transform their lives.

However, I’m not convinced that luck works like this.

Yes, I suppose that winning the lottery takes some luck, but the odds are long and there is considerable to suggest that winners don’t always end up better off after a few years.

So here are a few things that we can all do to swing the odds of a lucky break back into our favour that I’ve noticed over the years.

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English novelist Rose Tremain said, “Life is not a dress rehearsal.”

It’s a great reminder that in the grander scheme of things, there are no second chances and we only get one shot at it.

We only have a limited period of time on this planet and we’re not practicing for something else.

The lights are on, the curtain is up and the audience has bought their tickets.

This is the real thing.

And so we have a critical choice to make.

Do we potter away at meaningless activities or do we live with purpose?

Do we choose to be controlled by our fears or do we act with boldness?

Do we squander our talents or do we maximise our potential?

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Little Logan with his big brother Hayden after their swimming lessons

Every Saturday morning our three kids have swimming lessons.

Neither Karen or I are confident or competent swimmers, but with going to the beach and spending time around water such a big part of Australian culture, we want our kids to feel safe and comfortable in the water.

It’s taken a while, but they are making progress and our oldest son, 9 year-old Hayden, is probably a better swimmer than me already.

Surprisingly, when our twins were tested recently, Logan was put up a level, leaving his twin sister behind (much to her chagrin).

At the age of 6, he is now in the deep pool in a class with kids up to 4-5 years older than him.  He’s normally a reserved little guy, so it’s a massive step up for him.

This is courage.

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On his way to school, Larry Bird would shoot 200 free throws every morning.


Yoyo Ma is quoted as saying that he practices the cello for 5-6 hours every day.


Stephen King writes 2000 words every single day and has done for years.


To some people, the almost endless repetition of such activities is both daunting and pointless.

But there’s a method to the madness.

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It’s said that we are what we continually think, and there’s some truth to that statement, but I would also add that we are what we continually do.

If someone calls themselves a coach, but they don’t actually develop anyone, are they really a coach?

If someone calls themselves a leader, but they have no influence and when they look over their shoulder there’s no-one following, are they really a leader?

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Sometimes, it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that we are victims of our circumstances.

We look at our situation, wonder why others seem happier and more successful than ourselves and suspect that fate (whatever that is) has decided that this is our lot in life.

It’s not.

You have more power that you think.

You have the power to decide and no-one can take that power away from you.

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I love chocolate.

I’m a bit of a chocoholic and can eat it in abundance.

You know how chocolate melts if you hold it in your hands for too long?

That doesn’t happen to me, I eat it too quickly.

There’s nothing quite like sitting down on the couch with Karen in front of a good movie, sipping on a cup of coffee and munching on a block of chocolate.

I love chocolate, but I’m also conscious of the impact of eating too much of it.

And so I hate it, because it gets me every time and adds inches to my waist-line.

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Social media expert Gary Vaynerchuk says, “There are two ways to build the biggest building in town.  1) Build the biggest building in town.  2) Tear down all the other buildings around you.”

If you want to be number one in anything, they’re your choices.

Be the best or make everyone else look worse.

Lately, I’ve been reflecting that in our current political landscape, people too often choose to go with option 2 and sadly, the general public seems to fall for it.

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It’s time to say no to:

  • good enough,
  • meeting the expectations of others,
  • hoping they don’t notice,
  • anonymity,
  • following orders,
  • being influenced by what everyone else is doing,
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