Imagine two people with equivalent skills, experience, opportunities and aspirations.

The only difference between them was that the first person consistently took action, whilst the second was passive.

The first person made things happen, whilst the second waited for things to happen.

The first person moved towards her dreams, whilst the second just dreamed.

The first person learned from her experiences, whilst the second stayed the same because she didn’t have any.

The first person acted in spite of fear, whilst the second was paralysed by it.

The first person continued to grow and change, whilst the second person wondered why the world had to change so much.

The first person went to bed each night happy with her progress, whilst the second went to bed each night swearing that tomorrow would be different.

The first person built momentum, whilst the second stayed in a rut.

The first person was excited about what she was going to do in the future, whilst the second was afraid about what the future would do to her.

The first person built resilience as she pushed through, around and over obstacles, whilst the second became more timid.

The first person inspired others, whilst the second person waited for inspiration.

The first person started to see the world as a place full of opportunities, whilst the second wondered why she wasn’t as lucky as the first.

The first person chose to take action, and the second chose to be passive.

Which person was more likely to look back on an exciting, satisfying and successful life?

Life rewards action and punishes passivity.

Which person are you?

Choose wisely!

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