It’s easy to look at the success of others and think that they are a rare breed of person and you could never have the impact that they have on the world.

It’s easy to look at your skills and capabilities and think that you don’t have much to offer.

It’s easy to look back at your track record of mediocre results and think that this is your future destiny as well.

It’s easy to listen to the critics who don’t believe in you, allowing their voices to become the ones that you listen to the most.

Let me encourage you today to not underestimate your potential.

You have the potential to develop your unique skills to an elite level.

You have the potential to roll up your sleeves and work hard towards meaningful goals.

You have the potential to positively influence and inspire the people around you.

You have the potential to change the world!

The moment that you realise this and start taking action, you give yourself the chance to turn your potential into a phenomenal reality.

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