We can count the days, or we can make every day count.

We can go to work, or we can passionately use our skills to make a positive difference in the world.

We can retweet, like or share someone else’s thoughts, or we can create fantastic content.

We can present information, or we can tell stories that engage, inspire and challenge our audiences.

We can spend time with our kids, or we can find ways to teach them important life lessons and show them how much we love and value them.

We can relax in front of the TV, or sit down with a great book that will help us in our development.

We can have a trivial conversation, or we can listen to the people around us and encourage them in their endeavours.

We can exercise casually, or we can push ourselves until we genuinely hurt.

We can go to church, or we can worship God with our whole heart.

We can deal with customers, or we can give them a phenomenal experience.

Too often there’s a vast disparity between what we do and what we can do.

So let me ask you, are you going through the motions and doing the bare minimum, or are you trying to find a way to maximise the impact of every experience?

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