Writer and blogger Seth Godin once said, “You will be judged or you will be ignored.”

If you want to do something remarkable with your life, you can almost guarantee that there will be people who will judge you.

They will criticise you and question you.

They will tell you what you need to do better.

They will call you crazy, loopy, a heretic.

They will sit in the cheap seats and insult you.

Alternatively, you could do nothing.

You could be anonymous.

You could live a life where nothing you do really matters.

You could be ignored.

Or course, it’s not just about being noticed.

That type of vanity is pointless and does no-one any good.

It’s about doing something that deserves to be noticed.

It’s about doing something worthwhile that makes a positive difference.

And it’s about building the resilience required to cope with the inevitable criticism that will come with it.

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