A cook knows how to prepare a meal.

He is able to follow a recipe, put together a few ingredients and make something edible.

Those who consume the meal are filled.

Job done.

But a chef isn’t like that.

She is an artist, with a knife instead of a paintbrush.

She experiments with new flavours and combinations.

She works on her technique.

She learns from the masters and is focused on becoming one herself.

She doesn’t follow recipes, she creates them.

She is passionate about food.

She doesn’t just want it to taste amazing, she wants it to look extraordinary.

She doesn’t want to fill her customers up, she wants to give them a memorable experience.

There are hundreds of cooks for every chef.

An ordinary cook is easy to replace, but a great chef is almost irreplaceable.

In every field (including yours), there are cooks and chefs.

There are those who do the bare minimum to get the job done and those who aspire to greatness and create art as a result.

There are those who think that they know enough to get by and those who continue to learn, grow and develop until their skills are world class.

There are those who read and follow the manual and those who write it.

My question today is, which one are you, a cook or a chef?

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