Are you as hungry as this piranha?

Are you as hungry as this piranha?

Piranhas have a fearsome reputation.

With their razor sharp interlocking teeth and strong jaws, in large numbers they have the ability to strip a large animal down to its skeleton in a matter of minutes.

However, in reality piranhas are timid little fish.

They school in large numbers as protection from predators and only attack large animals in a frenzy under certain circumstances.

When they are hungry.

And when they are defending themselves.

Are we really that different?

We are each equipped to do remarkable things.

I’m not talking about destructive things (although we have that capacity too), I’m talking about:

  • using our creativity to solve complex problems,
  • pushing the limits to redefine possibility,
  • working in a team environment that encourages each member to maximise their skills,
  • acting positively to make the world a better place.

But too often we don’t.

We hide in fear, yearn for safety and live a limited life.

Except for those who are hungry enough and those who believe that they have no choice but to live their best life.

So don’t get too comfortable and stop hiding your talents from the world.

Get motivated.

Start hustling.

Maximise your skills.

Change the world!

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