The doers and the dourThere are those who take action to change the world and those who complain about the state of the world.

There are those who look for opportunities to do something and those who have a long of excuses as to why they can’t do anything.

There are those who move towards their goals on a regular basis and those who don’t understand why their goals don’t move closer to them.

There are those who make the most of every day and those who whine about where the time went.

There are those who look to the future with optimism and those who are negative and fearful about the days to come.

There are those who are grateful for the opportunity that they have to do something meaningful with their lives and those who have a long of gripes about what the world owes them.

There are those who actively seek innovative solutions to problems and those who just focus on their problems.

There are those who inspire and motivate the people around them through their energy and enthusiasm, and those who try to keep everyone else down at their level.

There are those who never give up and those who never start.

Of course, I’m generalising.

I’ve met people who do a lot of work, but constantly complain that they are the only one’s doing it.  Aren’t they fun?

However, many people fall into one of two categories, the doers and the dour.

Which one are you and which one are you surrounded by?

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