Are-you-determined-toA couple of time in the past few days, several clients have asked me the age old question, “Will I make it?”

They were changing industries or looking for promotions and were uncertain about the future.

There were a lot of unknowns for them, and the greatest concerns that they had were:

  • Will someone give me a chance?
  • Do I have the skills to succeed?

Whilst I can never guarantee the outcome, they themselves can control their attitudes, action and level of focus on their goals, so with that in mind, here are some of the questions that I asked in response:

Are you ready to hear the word “no” a lot, knowing that you just need one “yes” to get the breakthrough that you need?

Are you willing to learn?

Are you resourceful and adaptable?

Are you prepared to take the scenic route if necessary?

Are you to able to keep moving forward, keep taking action and keep trying, even when you don’t seem to be making progress?

Are you determined to ask until you receive, seek until you find and knock until the door is opened?

If the answer to each of these questions is yes and if you support their affirmations with constant, disciplined action, then I suspect that you each have an excellent chance of being successful with their career aspirations.

What about you and your dreams?

Will you make it?

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