Those-who-make-it-inIt would be nice to have a nice cruisy life on a flat, straight road that takes us to our destination.

But so often we’re walking on rocky ground.

The path is sometimes treacherous and we know that we have to watch our step so that we don’t trip and fall.

So we sit and wonder, “Am I better off staying where I am, or should I risk the path?”

Those who make it in life are those who aren’t afraid to walk on rocky ground to get where they need to go.

They understand that they can’t always bound along, but they can still walk.

They know that there are times when they will trip, but they dust themselves off and get back up.

They walk with a limp, but they don’t use their sore ankles as an excuse to give up.

They know that the rocky ground makes them stronger and more resilient than the smooth, straight path.

And they understand that the ground is rocky for others too, so they are happy to assist those who are struggling.

The ground at your feet may be rocky for you at the moment, but let me encourage you to keep walking, even if your progress seems slow.

It won’t be easy and your knees will get grazed, but you will get there.

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