We-can-do-with-moreThere’s a tame version of yourself.

Its timid, values safety and security, lives in confined surroundings and relies on others for survival.

But it doesn’t reflect what you were made for.

A feral animal is one that was once domesticated, but has now been released or has escaped to the wild, returning to its natural state to live.

It’s bolder and more dangerous.

There are more threats to its own safety.

It lives in a larger and more stimulating world.

And it eats only what it can catch and kill.

Feral animals can be pests in the wild, but I suspect that we can do with more people who have managed to escape from the confines of captivity to live with greater risk, greater freedom and far greater impact.

There’s a tame version of yourself and a feral one.

Which one are you living?

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